Piña Hawaii

Made In HawaiiWhat started as an idea to offer gourmet pastries to the islands of Hawaii slowly became a reality in 2012. We here at Piña Hawaii were inspired by our own family recipe that focuses on quality to provide delicious fruit filled cakes for everyone to enjoy as much as we do! It is our tradition to bake these treats for special occasions and family gatherings and it is now our great pleasure to share these delectable treats for everyone to enjoy.

Pineapple Cake from Hawaii

Sharing the Flavors of Hawaii!

Our signature pastry is our Piña Cake. We wanted to showcase the pineapple’s natural tartness and sweetness, so we made a commitment to never add artificial flavorings or preservatives and to provide you with quality freshness that you can taste. New flavors will be introduced as we grow which will also highlight the local ingredients of Hawaii.